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Personal injury

The personal injury lawyers of TEN

You have had an accident and suffered an injury. What next? You probably have many questions. Not only do you want to recover from your bodily injuries, you also want compensation for damage to your car, bicycle, electronics or clothing. A TEN personal injury lawyer will assist you in this difficult period to get your life back on the road. Our personal injury experts will answer your questions and guide you through the claims settlement process.

Who is liable and what about compensation?

After an accident, we start investigating who is liable for your damage. As soon as this is known, a TEN personal injury lawyer will hold this party liable and file a claim. But also after payment is made, the consequences of an accident remain. We understand that. Nevertheless, compensation can help you cope with the aftermath. And if, for example, you are (temporarily) no longer able to work or perform household tasks, our personal injury experts will look at the (financial) solutions with you. Have your studies been delayed due to the accident? Our specialists will come up with a solution that does justice to your situation. In all cases, your recovery comes first.

Noneconomic damages

In some cases you are also entitled to compensation for intangible loss, so-called noneconomic damages. For example, if the new altered situation leads to a diminished quality of life. The amount of the damages depends on various factors. For example:

  • Are you permanently disabled?
  • Have you lost enjoyment in life that you wouldn’t you have lost if the accident hadn’t occurred?
  • The severity of your injury
  • How long did the recovery last?
  • Do the consequences of the injury hinder your career?
Physical or Emotional injury

In addition to physical injury, personal injury can also consist of emotional injury, such as anxiety, concentration disorder or a remaining trauma as a result of the accident. It is also important that you receive the right information and support when dealing with emotional injury.

What are the costs of legal assistance?

If the party causing your damage acknowledges liability, this party will also bear the costs of your legal assistance. In other words: the costs incurred by our personal injury lawyer will be charged to the party that is liable for your damage. Our personal injury specialists are ready to help you through a difficult period so you can focus on recovery.

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