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If you want to have your legal affairs appropriately arranged, then you prefer not to leave anything to chance. You therefore naturally opt for the assistance of the best lawyers in Waalwijk. TEN Advocaten has many years of experience in dealing with both companies and private matters in this city and the surrounding area. The law firm was established as the result of a merger between Van Ewijk Advocaten Mediators and LMR Advocaten. Our team remains at your disposal both to provide up-to-date legal knowledge and to act highly decisively. From our offices in ‘s Hertogenbosch, Waalwijk and Oss, we can assist you in numerous areas of law. Whatever difficulties you encounter in your business or private life, TEN invariably endeavours to achieve a favourable outcome.

Legal counsel in Waalwijk

Just as there are numerous fields of law, so there are also many different types of lawyers. It therefore makes quite a difference whether you require assistance in resolving a commercial issue or property matter, or need someone to bring a divorce or inheritance matter to a favourable conclusion. TEN Advocaten has a large team of lawyers and mediators in Waalwijk and the surrounding area, each with their own specialist field. Whenever you approach us, we therefore allocate the most appropriate lawyer to pursue your case, who is also committed to achieving the most favourable resolution possible.

Lawyers in Waalwijk

When it comes to the law, the interests involved can prove quite considerable. This applies to both companies and private individuals alike. You naturally do not trust just anyone to take care of your legal matters. In that case, you need to be able to rely on a party that has been doing business in Waalwijk and the surrounding area for numerous years. TEN’s lawyers are well-versed in various fields both commercial and private law, including corporate law, labour law, property law, inheritance law and family law. You can also turn to TEN Advocaten for personal injury, mediation or collection cases.

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Looking for legal counsel or a legal advisor in Waalwijk can prove quite complicated. There are a great many to choose from. So, what qualities does the perfect lawyer for you possess? We at TEN Advocaten combine strong substantive specialisms with a personal click. Our lawyers are highly familiar with their field of expertise and like to do business in a personal way. The law is already formal enough. Let’s cooperate in a pleasant manner therefore, with a view to achieving the best possible outcome. It is no coincidence that we have been representing many of our clients for numerous years.