Insolvency law

Do you want to put your affairs in order?

Our insolvency lawyers

Legal matters can be pretty complex. We at TEN therefore endeavour to avoid complicating things even further. Whatever the issue is, we adopt a pragmatic approach to devising a solution. In doing so, however, we never lose sight of your bigger picture. We do not believe in litigating simply for the sake of it. We prefer to seek the most favourable solution for you. We go as far as we need to in this regard.

We can also help you with

  • Debt remediation
  • Conversion of WSNP
  • Financing
  • Security
  • (Registration of) deed of pledge
  • Paulian action
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Special Credits
  • Composition with creditors
  • Filing of financial statements
  • Accounting obligation
  • Company restart
  • Bankruptcy petition 
  • Suspension of payment 

Do you have a question about a bankruptcy? The bankruptcy trustee issues a public report periodically. In here you can read the current state of affairs. Answers are given to questions such as the cause of the bankruptcy and what the prospects are for the creditors. You can view the reports in the Centraal Insolventieregister.

Do you still have a question after reading the bankruptcy report? Please contact us on the telephone number +31 73 – 7600 100 or via e-mail.