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Property law

The real estate lawyers of TEN

The real estate section combines experience and expertise in the field of construction and property law and environmental law to provide you with the best possible advice. In the development and realisation of real estate, advice from an experienced real estate lawyer is indispensable when it comes to concluding contracts, interpreting provisions, providing security and identifying possibilities for termination. When are you no longer free to break off negotiations? When may additional work be charged?

Business and private purchase agreements

TEN advises on purchase agreements, tenancy law (industrial, retail and housing), but also on construction disputes, building contracts and tenders. You are building or redeveloping an office, shop, workshop or other commercial property. That is why you conclude contracts with project developers, architects, (sub)contractors or consultants. These projects usually run for a long period and involve significant sums. If you encounter problems during construction, delivery or afterwards, you must be able to rely upon on sound contracts.

Business and private leases

Leases for industrial, office or housing property are often extensive and complex. Therefore, structure your contracts in such a way that provide clarity and meet the latest legal requirements. TEN advises on the drafting of these contracts and provides you with advice and, if necessary, legal assistance in court proceedings. You can also come to TEN for advice on rent levels, apartment rights and issues involving owners’ association. 

We also have all the expertise you need in the field of related company law, including corporate structures and partnership agreements. If necessary, we work together with a company lawyer who has specialist knowledge of restructuring and insolvency law.

Advice and procedures

Together we work towards achieving the best solution. Whether it is an (arbitration) procedure, mediation or an amicable settlement. We have extensive experience in proceedings before civil courts, the Council of Arbitrators for the Construction Industry and the administrative courts. TEN can also advise and assist you in proceedings in the field of environmental law (planning and zoning law), for example by filing notices of objection, appeals and requests for interim relief with the administrative law sector of the court. Legal disputes involving the (semi-)public sector require a specialised approach. 

What does it mean for your company if your expansion possibilities are limited in a new plan? Should you simply allow a competitor to establish itself in your catchment area? When are you entitled to compensation if the local authority again carries out roadworks in your street? With an order subject to a penalty, administrative coercion or an administrative fine, a government body can force compliance with the rules, for example, to close a company premises or house. When it involves enforcement issues, rapid action must be taken to prevent fines and periodic penalty payments.

TEN advises and litigates in disputes about zoning plans, permits and planning blight.

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