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Inheritance law

Do not wait too long if a surviving relative in your area has died. Ask our inheritance law professionals for advice. They specialise in inheritance law and can quickly help you on your way.

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The inheritance lawyers of TEN

Nothing is as intriguing as inheritance law. It covers the past, the present and the future. The past, because a last will and testament has often been drawn up. Moreover, the rules of the old inheritance law (before 1 January 2003) can still apply. The present, because as executor, liquidator or (forced) heir you have to make many decisions, including about your own position. Like about accepting an inheritance, acquiescing to disinheritance or selling shares or a house. The future, because your decisions impact on later. Inheritance law involves quite a few deadlines. If you miss a term, you miss the boat. And that can have major (financial) consequences.

Inheritance law in practice

You know what they say, death is the only real certainty in life. Any when it comes to setting an estate, a lot of things have to be taken care of. Opinions and interests can differ, even when arranging the funeral. What were the deceased’s exact wishes? Who gets the ashes after the cremation? Can the ashes be seized if the wishes of the next of kin collide? As specialised inheritance lawyers, we can assist you with these kinds of questions.

Certificate of inheritance

Disagreement can also arise after the funeral. Often about money. After all, the more one gets, the less is left for another. No wonder that this causes friction. An important hurdle is often the certificate of inheritance issued by the notary, who carries out an investigation into entitlement to an estate.  Next, the heirs must decide whether they want to accept the inheritance with or without the benefit of inventory. Or perhaps even reject it. The certificate of inheritance law is necessary, for example, to be able to release a blocked bank account of the deceased. If not all heirs can be traced or heirs are hesitant to accept their inheritance, the necessary friction can also arise.

The settlement of an estate often involves many people, like heirs, legatees, forced heirs, administrators, executors, liquidators, etc. Their interests do not always coincide. Clarity in your own position and the legal rules are then important, so that you, together with an inheritance lawyer, are well prepared.

Conflicts and proceedings about the inheritance

Inheritance is increasingly the subject of conflict and legal proceedings. Such as proceedings about the deceased’s legal capacity at the time of drawing up his will, or about the amount of the statutory share and the question which donations should and should not be taken into account. Increasingly, the division of an estate is a source of misery that causes the breakup of families. Our inheritance lawyers therefore try to resolve conflicts out of court as much as possible. Also because we are aware of the emotions and tensions that arise during a legal battle within the family. Legal proceedings cannot always be avoided, however. In that case, you can count on the years of experience and expertise of our inheritance lawyers.

Lawyers specialised in inheritance law

Our inheritance law specialists advise you and try to solve disputes together with you. With expert assistance we can prevent (further) escalation. If necessary, a judicial procedure will be followed, in which your interests are central. Some of our inheritance lawyers have years of experience in contract law and the settlement of bankruptcies, knowledge that comes in handy in the settlement of an estate. Our other inheritance lawyers benefit from a notarial background. They know the ins and outs of the documents that often become the subject of legal dispute. The often complex legal texts and the wording of a will are daily routine for our lawyers.

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