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Has your organisation ever looked critically at its handling of personal data of others? Every organisation has to deal with privacy law. Your organisation must also comply with the provisions of the GDPR, for example when processing customer data, personnel data or data from third parties.

Handling personal data

Your organisation receives personal data such as names and dates of birth. What happens to these personal data? Are personal data processed correctly? What has actually been changed in the new privacy legislation (General Data Protection Regulation) compared to the old legislation (Personal Data Protection Act) and what must be regulated within your organisation?

GDPR in practice

Of course you can also use the GDPR in a positive way. By changing and sharing your policy, you show customers that you handle their personal data in a reliable and secure manner. Transparency is an important concept in the GDPR. Clear communication to the outside world can have a positive effect on the image of your organisation. Compliance with the GDPR can also be beneficial internally; you give employees the confidence that (personnel) data is handled safely and properly. It is also good if employees know what to do in the event of a data breach. For example, if a USB stick is lost or an email is sent in which all email addresses are in the ‘CC’ instead of the ‘BCC’.

Legal advice and guidance

TEN gives legal advice and provides guidance on various points:

  • drawing up a privacy statement
  • drawing up a protocol for data leaks
  • drawing up a processing agreement
  • drawing up a register of processing activities
  • assisting in legal proceedings
  • what to do as data controller
  • what to do as processor
  • dealing with a data breach
  • dealing with the rights of data subjects
  • dealing with international data processing
  • dealing with liabilities under the GCPS
  • dealing with sub-processors

The privacy team of TEN Advocaten has extensive experience and can translate complex issues into practical and useful advice for your specific situation.

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