Floor Wertenbroek

“I like to think outside the box.”

As a corporate and insolvency lawyer, I advise and litigate on matters such as agreements, disputes, liabilities and collections. I also mediate in shareholder disputes and disputes between suppliers and customers. I am your partner when it comes to collaborations, business succession or company takeovers. But my passion is restructuring companies, especially those in financial difficulties. For example, through a private creditors’ agreement or a WHOA process.

Together with my clients I try to find a solution by mapping the conflicts and (financial) problems. It is also free to think and act out of the box. Sometimes the letter of the law must be followed, sometimes an outcome requires a creative solution and a bit of rethinking is necessary to achieve the best result.

In order to flesh out the concept of collaboration across borders, I set up the international law firm JustOne. Short international lines are very useful for new collaborations and/or disputes across the border.

Member of INSOLAD, the Dutch Association of Insolvency Practitioners.