Anouk van Eijkeren – EN


Anouk van Eijkeren

“If you dwell on the past, the future will escape you.”

I have always been concerned with the human side of the law, and nothing is more personal than family law. Assisting and guiding people toward a new future. Preferably jointly and in consultation, so that there is a sound basis. This is even more vital if children or a company are involved. But also in the case of litigation, of course. And such a sound basis cannot be achieved by adopting a purely legal view of the case. I therefore prefer to view matters from a broader perspective together with my clients.

vFas – Association of lawyers specialising in personal, family and inheritance law.
MfN – Netherlands Federation of Mediators.
FJR – Association of Family & Youth Law Practitioners.
VvCP – Association of Collaborative Practice.