Isabelle Kwetters

“From understanding the problem to grasping the solution.”

My experience within bankruptcy law and the Wsnp allows me to approach issues from different angles. In my practice, I therefore deal with entrepreneurs and directors as well as private individuals and, for example, creditors. I advise and litigate particularly in the field of contract law, in the broadest sense of the word. Here you can think of issues concerning breach of contract (performance/dissolution of purchase/contract/rent agreements, damages) or tort, but also advice on drafting or reviewing agreements and general terms and conditions.

My strategy: I like to be on the same page with my clients. That starts with the legal translation of a problem. Even better, of course, is the prevention of problems. I do that by providing you with clear advice at an early stage. I then work with you to find the best solution; that’s my goal! Preferably without legal proceedings, but should it come to that, I will not lose sight of commercial interests. Together with my client(s) I strive to understand the problem to get a grip on the solution.