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Do you do business abroad or cooperate with partners based outside the Netherlands? Then you have to deal with different laws and regulations. Because we work closely with the affiliated law firms in this international network, you can be sure that you will also be assisted quickly and adequately abroad. We know the lawyers in the network personally and can therefore refer you to a reliable partner abroad. With us, the support you receive is not limited by national borders.

In addition to businesses, individuals can also come to us for support in the areas of family law, inheritance law and other issues you may face as an individual.

Your legal partner in Europe


Our network of law firms offers comprehensive legal services and expertise across Europe. Discover how we can support your legal needs by reading this folder for clients.

Join our network


Interested in collaborating with other law firms within a European network? Our network proudly includes one exclusive law firm from each country. Is your country not yet represented? Learn more about the membership in this folder for potential members.

Network members

What is going on in your international business?

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