Sports law


Sports law


People sometimes jokingly say that the legal profession is top-class sport. That is nonsense. But we do know what is required to perform at the highest level. You could say that we know the score. And we know you need a team of specialists to reach the top. However, we do have one thing in common: sports competitors and lawyers both do everything to win!

Legal teammate

We are your perfect legal teammate. A perfect legal teammate can have a mind of their own. Do things slightly differently. Try not to drawn attention but at the same time are there when you need them. At TEN Advocaten, we also do things slightly differently. We have a team with different areas of expertise that approaches sports law from the perspective of corporate law. Sports are often organised within associations, unions and federations. So why not approach it from a corporate law perspective? In doing so, we know that the law is always just a little different when sports are involved.


What can you come to us for? Basically with all your sports law-related questions, but of course we are also in the starting blocks to give you advice, ensure that agreements with parties are clearly recorded and, if necessary, assist you in litigation.

  • Our sports law lawyers can assist you with:Drafting, or advising on and conducting negotiations in assessing, among other things, employment contracts, transfer agreements, player agreements, trainer agreements, sponsorship contracts, regulations and statutes of sports associations.
  • Advising on personnel, HR and employment law questions or conflicts.
    Liability for injuries and damage.
  • Advising on intellectual property rights, such as portrait and trademark rights. We support, advise, negotiate and litigate on infringements of these rights.
  • Assisting, advising and setting up legal structures and governance for companies in sports. Think of setting up and establishing a sports association, but also adding a Top Sports Foundation or a commercial company in the sports sector;
  • We provide support in conflict situations. Conflicts in sport are often settled through disciplinary proceedings or arbitration. This is a separate ‘ballgame’ in the legal world. We specialise in this and advise and litigate on behalf of our clients in the sports sector;
  • We assist sportsmen and women, trainers, supervisors, coaches and administrators in disciplinary proceedings and in doping cases. Whether you are a victim of reprehensible behaviour or a defendant, we are by your side.
  • We advise, negotiate and litigate in the field of selection and participation in events, tournaments and championships.

ports law is always evolving, dynamic and multifaceted. Conflicts in sports law are often settled by arbitration and disciplinary proceedings. Sports law always interacts with other areas of law such as employment law, corporate law and contract law. TEN Advocaten has specialists in these areas and is at home with the sector and the specific regulations that apply here.

So a lot of things come into play when it comes to legal advice on sports law. From contract negotiations, to disciplinary matters, injuries, suspensions, sponsorship contracts and the drawing up and termination of agreements. At TEN Advocaten, we can provide legal advice in all these areas and disciplines.



We would rather avoid litigation and instead seek a practical solution. This is where our lawyers’ negotiation skills come in handy. But if it does come to litigation, we will push hard to see that you win your case. TEN will go as far as necessary to get a result, while always respecting the rules.


The sports law specialist at TEN is informed of the latest developments in this sector and knows what interests are at stake. Our extensive experience allows us to properly advise, guide and, if necessary, assist you in legal proceedings.

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