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The employment & public service law specialists of TEN

No field of law is more dynamic and current than employment & public service law. Not only does it receive daily media and regularly produce ground-breaking case law, not a year goes by without new law that has direct consequences for employees in the Netherlands. Meet  the employment & public service law specialists

Legal advice employment law

This field of law touches on the daily life of practically everyone. The employee of an organisation, the entrepreneur with staff, the civil servant and the freelancer. We often have to deal with recognisable situations: the employee who expects a baby, an industrial conflict, the on-call worker who would like to go on holiday, the teacher who is forced to report sick and the director who has to carry out a reorganisation. There is simply no avoiding employment & public service law, and thus the services of a lawyer in this field. At TEN you can turn to a top specialist for legal advice. Meet our employment & public service law specialists.

Employment & public service law in practice

Dismissal is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about these fields of law. An employee who is confronted by his employer with a termination agreement or a struggling company that is forced to reorganise. Indeed, we handle many cases of this type, from the perspective of both the employee and the entrepreneur or government institution. Every dismissal case has its own characteristics, interests and points of discussion, whether it concerns a conflict in the workplace or not. Depending on this, we determine the strategy and approach. We often manage to resolve the case out of court. If that is unsuccessful, we will of course assist you in legal proceedings.

Clear agreements

But there are more cases that fall under this field of law than you think. Of course, you want to clearly record agreements between employer and employee in contracts and terms of employment. Also, good insight into any applicable collective labour agreement is essential. During an employment contract, disagreements can easily arise around leave, illness or demotion.

Furthermore, the role of trade unions and works councils should not be underestimated and rules must be observed regarding health and safety, working hours, incapacity for work and reintegration. In line with this, social security law is an important part of our practice. Think of issues regarding various benefits schemes, such as the WW, ZW or WIA. TEN guides you through this, helps define your strategy, is a discussion partner for management, the works council and trade unions and ensures that you know what your rights are.

The employment law section

Our employment law section consists of five top specialists, most of whom have followed postgraduate specialisation courses, such as the Post Academic Course in Employment Law (PALA). They are also members of specialist associations such as the Association of Employment Lawyers Breda – ‘s-Hertogenbosch (VAR), the Association for Employment Law (VvA) and the Association of Employment Law Lawyers Netherlands (VAAN).

International network

Our specialists are engaged and determined to serve your interests, both to prevent problems and solve them. If you want advice on international employment law matters, our partner offices in Europe can assist you. We also have short lines of communication with other professionals such as civil-law notaries, accountants, tax advisors, pension advisors and absenteeism experts. In short, you are assured of complete and tailor-made advice in the field of employment law.

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Our firm cooperates closely with Qees. Its team of specialists can serve as your human resources department, enabling you to focus on your core business. Qees provides services ranging from salary administration to absenteeism and labour cost analysis, and from absence supervision for employers to providing a model document library. TEN Advocaten’s employment & civil service law team serves as Qees’ Employment Law Helpdesk, while also assisting it in compiling the model document library.

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